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Fátima Tour


General Information About Fátima

In a global scale Sanctuary of Fátima is one of the most relevant religious spots of religious worship. It contains diversified basilicas and chapels that were dedicated to historical religious figures. Church of the Holy Trinity, builded in 1953, the biggest on Sanctuary, with capacity for 9000 people. Every months there are peregrinations in the days 12 and 13, the best known are the ones in 12 and 13 of May and October.

Loja de Artigos Religiosos

Religious Articles Store

Arriving the Sanctuary of Fátima we go to the store. On this store it’s possible buy your third and porcelain figures, that latter will be blessed in the Sanctuary..

Capela das Aparições (Fátima)

Chapel of the Apparitions

Next a visit to the Chapel of the Apparitions were Our Lady appeared to the three shepherds. Was Our Lady to ask that, at that precise spot, to build a Chapel in her honor.

Igreja Santissima Trindade(Fátima)

Church of the Holy Trinity

It couldn’t be missing a visit to the fantastic Church of the Holy Trinity. Inaugurated at the end of the 2007, projected by Alexandros Tombazis, Greek Architect, and builded by José Mota Freitas. On this local are realized several religious ceremonies with high relevance.

Casa dos 3 Pastorinhos(Fátima)

Three Shepherds Home

Ofered by Sister Lúcia to the Sanctuary it’s a very important point in this religious tour, due to the importance of Sister Lúcia and the other two shepherds in the story of Sanctuary.